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Special Training Team

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Train to Shoot and be Combat Fit

Join Mac every 3rd Saturday for our monthly proficiency training course and stay for an extra 15 minutes to do some combat fitness training to help you meet some physical motivational goals



Minimum Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be over 21 Years Old (Some waivers may be granted)

  • Must have a valid Texas LTC

  • Must be a U.S. Citizen

  • Must be able to train every 3rd Saturday of the month from 1300-1800 10 months a year

  • Must be willing to work in a team environment and willing to follow instructions

  • Must be an A3 member or above

Suggested Equipment Requirements ( We have equipment to use)

  • Handgun & Carbine of acceptable make, model, and caliber (Glock 19 or 17 and AR15 Highly Suggested)

  • Plate carrier or molle vest with level 3 or 3A soft armor

  • Rifle plates both front and back (Side plates encouraged but not required)

  • Magazine pouches for up to 4 handgun magazines and up to 8 carbine magazines

  • Carbine Sling

  • Radio Pouch

  • Hydration system and pouch

  • Medical Blow Out kit/IFAK

  • Low Leg or acceptable handgun holster with retention

  • Utility knife & Fighting knife

  • Tactical Gloves

  • Eye, ear protection and a ball cap



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