Ladies Beginner Handgun Course

This is the perfect handgun course for new shooters or someone who has just a purchased a new handgun and would like to start with the basics for self defense use or carry. 



Days:                     1/4 Day

Duration:               3 hours

Hours:                   9AM-12PM

Location:              Greenville, Texas

Reg Price:             $100

Member Price:      $50

Prerequisites:       None

What you will learn!

  • Fundamentals of Handgun Safety

  • Fundamentals of Defensive Shooting

  • Loading & Unloading your handgun Safely

  • Speed Reloads

  • Live Fire Proficiency Drills on Paper

  • 50 Round Live Fire Course

A certificate is given to students who finish the course



Equipment Requirements

  • Semi Auto Handgun (.22 LR, 380ACP or 9mm)

  • Strong Side Hip Holster

  • 3 Magazines or more with Magazine Pouch

  • Eye Protection

  • Ball Cap or Beanie

  • Hearing Protection

  • 50 Rounds of Factory Ammunition


Need a handgun and all required equipment?

Full equipment and handgun package available for only $20.

 Ammo not included!