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Buy a striker-fired handgun! Here is why!

Do you know what the best handgun in the world is? The one that you have at your side and that is going to work when you need it!!!!!


I started shooting a Glock in 1990. Boy! Did I take a beating! I heard comments like, "It's going to be hot today. Is your gun going to melt?" or "How is that Tupperware handgun working?" or "Nice Buck Rogers gun!" LOL!


Regardless, I stuck with it, and I am proud to say that Glock has proven itself over and over again and it's finally good to see other manufacturers catching up some 20 years later. I chose Glock because during elevated levels of stress, you need simplicity. Fine gross motor skills shut down when someone is trying to kill you, and some weapon systems require more practice to implement their mechanical devices in order to get a shot off. Glock Gaston kept it simple, making a durable and reliable combat pistol that is being utilized all over the world. 


To understand handguns a little more, here is your first free class!


Handguns are either hammer-fired or striker-fired, and the difference in each gun can be huge. To understand the difference between the two – and which is right for you – we need to start by understanding action.



Understanding Action and Fire


Single-Action: Single-action means that the trigger of your gun is only performing one action – firing the hammer. Think of your typical revolver. While most revolvers actually have single-action/double-action, when you manually cock the hammer with your thumb, the trigger is only dropping the hammer: single-action.



Double-Action: On that same revolver, double-action occurs when the trigger both cocks and fires the hammer. But when it comes to a semi-automatic handgun with a hammer, you can also have SA/DA. Once the gun is loaded with a round in the chamber, you can either cock the hammer for a lighter, single-action trigger pull, or you can pull the trigger with the hammer dropped for a double-action pull, cocking and releasing the hammer.



Hammer-Fired: Obviously, revolvers have hammers that drop to dimple the primer on your bullet, but many buyers – new and seasoned alike – ask, “Why is there a hammer on a semi-automatic handgun?” A single-action/double-action semi-automatic will allow you to cock the hammer before firing, or allow the trigger to cock the hammer (similar, but not equal to the action of a revolver). Cocking the hammer will make the trigger pull off your first shot much lighter. Good examples of a hammer-fired pistol are the H&K USP series.



Striker-Fired: Rather than a hammer, an internal striker is cocked when you rack the slide. Striker-fired weapons typically give you much less to think about when you’re firing. Glocks are the finest example of a striker-fired pistol.

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