Texas LTC Live Fire Qual

Texas LTC Live Fire Qual

This is a prepayment for the Texas LTC live fire course only! You should have met the following requirements below:


1. 21 years or older

2. Have a signed LTC-100 to show completion of online course

3. Valid and current Texas DL or valid form of identification

4. Know how to properly handle and shoot your handgun SAFELY!!! This is not a training course!

5. Have all the required equipment to meet our standards

6. Sign our liability release form

7. This is a non refundable online pre payment. NO REFUNDS PERIOD!


The Texas License-to-Carry Live Fire Certification and you must have had some form of handgun training prior to attending this course. Prior to attending, please make sure you understand how to do the following safely and effectively:


  • Handle your handgun safely
  • Lock your slide to the rear safely
  • Load your magazines
  • Shoot your handgun safely and conduct a magazine reload
  • Load and unload your handgun safely


The following handguns are restricted and not allowed to be used for training


*Single Action Revolvers

*Smith & Wesson Sigmas 

*Ravens, Jennings, Lorcin, Bersa or high point models

*Kel-Tec P11, PF9 or P40

*Kahr Micro (.380 or 9mm)

*Derringers or Bond Arms Pistol