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Room Entry

Close Quarter Contact & Force-on-Force

Intruder in your home, now what? Learn how to clear corners, blind spots, and many other room entry techniques being used by CQB (Close Quarters Battle) teams all over the world. Take your defensive handgun level 1 fundamentals and the opportunity at learning close quarter shooting drills and techniques for violent encounters in a confined area. Understand the importance of angles, fatal funnels, and danger areas in our 2,200 square foot 360-degree railroad tie shooting house. This advanced course will be an eye-opener for the average student and will take the required steps for the force-on-force phase. Students will experience how square range training can teach you bad habits and the opportunity to respect and understand realistic force-on-force training using our UTM (Ultimate Training Munition) firearms.  

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Days:                     1 Day
Duration:               5 hours
Hours:                   1PM-6PM
Location:               Greenville, Texas
Reg Price:             $100
Member Price:      $50
Prerequisites:       Completion of Handgun 1 Required

What you will learn!

  • Review Fundamentals of Safety

  • Review Fundamentals of Shooting

  • Review Drawing your Handgun Safely

  • Review Loading & Unloading 

  • ReviewTypes of Reloads

  • Position SUL & Tuck

  • Understanding Cover vs Concealment

  • Knowing Angles and Blind Spots

  • Shooting on the Move and Shift Drills

  • CQC Shooting Drills

  • CQC Strikes

  • Force on Force Contact Scenario


A certificate is given to students who finish the course


Equipment Requirements

  • Semi Auto Handgun (9mm .40 or .45 suggested)

  • Strong Side Hip Holster

  • 3 Magazines or more with Magazine Pouch

  • Eye Protection

  • Ball Cap or Beanie

  • Hearing Protection

  • 200 Rounds of Factory Ammunition


Need a handgun and all required equipment?

Full equipment and handgun package available for only $20.

 Ammo not included! 

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