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Special Shooting Situations Handgun - Special Instructions & Course Information

This course is a dynamic course designed to help students go to the next level and help them achieve a better understanding of the dynamics required during different deadly force situations. This course will also help students understand the importance of shooting during elevated levels of stress and maintaining their proficiency on a continuing basis. Instructors will set up 8 different scenarios every month where students will be required to shoot each scenario while being timed and graded for an overall score.  Your monthly participation would be highly encouraged. This type of class will be so much more beneficial than going to a public range. Instructors will then evaluate their performance and make suggestions and recommendations to help the students apply practical applications accordingly.


Event Date:         Every 1st Saturday of the Month

Event Hours:       1PM-6PM (Ready to Brief at 1PM Sharp, DO NOT BE LATE!)



Course Prerequisites:

The prerequisite for attending this exciting course is listed below and is available to the first 36 pre-registered students.

You must have attended a Critical Defense Group, Intro to DH1, DH1, DH2, approved CHL/LTC, granted waiver or Private handgun in order to be eligible to participate in this course. If you have met the requirements, please continue.


Equipment Requirements

1. Handgun 9mm or greater in caliber. 22lr is allowed

2. Strong side hip holster with retention

3. Magazine pouch & 3 magazines or more

4. Mandatory eye/ear protection and ball cap. (No open toed shoes)

5. 200-250 rounds of ammunition   (No Steel Core Ammo Allowed)

6. Body Armor (Optional but not mandatory)

7. Concealment garment (Button down shirt or photo vest) if shooting in the concealed carry classification.


You must now start your stage with a factory magazine for concealable purposes. You cannot start with a 23 or 33 round magazine. Keep it real!!!



SSS- Handgun Reminders- Please Read!!!

1. Cancellations- If you can’t make it, please let me know via email ASAP.

2. Parking- Going to be tight, please park as close as possible on the range side. Don’t hog up a bunch of space; keep exits open for emergency purposes, please and sit 4 to a bench. Stage gear bags and coolers under your picnic tables. 

3. Benches- We have 2 more green benches near the handling bench. Use the green benches and leave the tan ones for my staff.


4. Preloading- We are going to allow you to preload with a spotter. Use the designated preloading boxes and grab someone to watch you. If you have an ND in the preloading box, you and your spotter will be dismissed from the program, so take this seriously. DO NOT BE A SAFETY  VIOLATOR. Only shooters on deck can preload.


5. Check-in- Be on time and ready to brief at 1pm sharp. We will brief and walk thru within 25 minutes. I would like to be hammer down by 130pm sharp. Here is how this will work.


6. When you arrive you must check in at the registration table. Read the safety rules on the back page and then find your registered name on the roster. Initial and sign that you fully understand the rules. If your name isn’t on the roster, you did not register regardless of what you tell me, sorry!!! 


7.  We are going to run 3-4 squads and shoot 8 stages. Bring 200-250 rounds of ammo. We will have 30 minutes per squad per stage. I expect to be done by 530 sharp. Once your squad is done, please break down your stage and check out on the registration form. Scores and top shooters will be recognized via email.


8.  Safety Brief Sheet- READ IT AND LIVE IT!!!!  Once you sign the safety brief sheet, you are telling us you understand the rules and will comply.


9.  IMTK- Individual Medical Trauma Kits available for pick up at SSS.


     Regular price   $89.99

     Member Price  $79.99

     SSS Day Price $75.00


Additional Reminders

We have a zero tolerance policy for negligent discharges. If you have a negligent discharge with your firearm during one of our courses, you will be dismissed immediately from the class with no refunds. In order to return to any future course you will be required to pay a $50 fine to a local charity of our choice and be required to attend 2 to 3 hours of private personal training from one of our instructors at an hourly rate of $50 to $125 per hour within 30 days of the incident.

Use the loading area to gear up and remember to handle your weapons properly and safely in the handling area only. Do not load your weapons. DO NOT BE A SAFETY VIOLATOR IN THE STAGING AREA. If you miss the safety brief, you will not be able to attend this course. Our primary goal is to conduct ourselves in a safe manner and practice what we have learned during slightly elevated levels of stress. Spectators are welcome to attend, but they must fill out a waiver and by no means are they allowed to handle any weapons unless they are under the supervision of our staff. Make sure they have eye and ear protection.


Don’t forget to bring all the required equipment to avoid any interruption in training. In order to meet the timeline, we are going to need everyone’s help and participation as we evaluate, review, score and debrief. We will give tactical sound advice on how to shoot this properly and safely assign students a shooting order.


We will also be taking several pictures and video to help review discrepancies. If you are still working for the agency, conducting black op’s and don’t want your identity disclosed, please let us know discreetly at the start of the stage, lol!


No race guns or tricked out competition rigs or mag holders. You should be training with the same equipment you would carry out in public or on duty. LEO’s can wear their duty rigs and are highly encouraged to train with the same equipment they wear on duty. If your weapon and mag holders print, or if you use race gear, you can still shoot and participate but will not be eligible for the overall win.


      Classification                      Bonus Points


  • Open Carry                        0 Bonus Points

  • Concealed Carry             -10 Bonus Points

  • Single Stack                    -10 Bonus Points (Firearm and the first magazine must hold 10 rounds or less. Floating a round is acceptable.)

  • Tactical Class                  -20 Bonus Points (Valid for Active/Reserve LEO or military personnel only. Full kit requirements must be approved.)

  • Optical Class                  +25 Points (Any handgun with any type of optic)

  • Pistol Carbine                   0 Bonus Points (Carbine must be configured in 9mm, .40,.45)


      Classification                       Penalty Points


  • Points Down                          1 Penalty Point

  • Procedural                             5 Penalty Point

  • Any miss or OMP                  10 Penalty Points

  • FTS= Failure to Stop            10 Penalty Points

  • FTDR= Failure to do right     10 Penalty Points

  • No Shoot                              100 Penalty Points ($5 Fine)

  • Arguing with the RSO           50 Penalty Points

  • Shooting a barricade            50 Penalty Points

  • Shooting a vehicle                50 Penalty Points

  • Bang your dead                    50 Penalty Points

  • Preliminary Discharge          50 Penalty Points


      DQ= Disqualification

      ND= Negligent discharge

      MSV= Major Safety Violation


Additional Safety Reminders

  1. Remember to keep your finger off the trigger when reholstering, clearing malfunctions or conducting reloads or transitions.

  2. Have awareness of your target background and surrounding environment 180-degree rule is in effect and it is 3 dimensional.

  3. Mandatory eye, ear please.and ball cap protection required including spectators,

  4. No horseplay on the range; please keep it professional.

  5. Do not leave your weapons unattended, remember to use the handling area.

  6. Do not proceed forward of the firing line unless given permission to do so.

  7. If you drop any equipment during your course of fire, maintain muzzle discipline, finger straight and recover tactically.

  8. All students will leave our facility with unloaded weapons period.

  9. Negligent discharges are grounds for immediate release & all future courses unless cleared by the training director after personal training has been conducted.

  10. Please follow all commands and instructions, if in doubt please ask.

  11. Any unsafe acts deemed as a major safety violation will be immediate dismissal from the course.

  12. Students are responsible for clearing all their malfunctions, keep your finger straight and muzzle pointed in a safe direction and clear your weapon properly and safely.

  13. Everyone here today is a safety officer, if you see an unsafe act being committed please address politely

  14. On the command ceasefire, or the air horn. YOU WILL STOP &  FREEZE IN PLACE.  For a serious medical emergency, the RSO will blow the air horn 3 times. Stand By!!!


  16. All Firing must be done from position 4 unless specified.


  18. Do not argue with our range safety officers, they will call it as they see it.

  19. Keep your handgun holstered unless instructed otherwise or use the handling bench or designated loading box.

  20. Pre loading is allowed while being supervised by a fellow shooter and if you are next on deck.

  21. No loaded firearms in the staging area period. Do not handle your firearms in the parking lot area either.

  22. Do not fire again if you have reason to believe you may have a squib load!!!!

  23. It is your responsibility to notify the scorekeeper of your shooting classification

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