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Eric "Mac" Mackinzie

Training Director/Primary Instructor


I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. (Philippians 4:13)

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Blessed be the LORD my strength, who teacheth my hands to war my fingers for battle.

(Psalm 144:1)

Eric "Mac"  Mackinzie is a proud U.S. Marine Corps veteran and an experienced Instructor and Personal Protection Specialist with over 25 years of experience. International and domestic experience on various protective security details as a detail member and or detail leader. Fluent level 3 Spanish speaker capable of reading, writing, and instructing in Spanish. Instructor and management experience training hundreds of personnel from various military, security, government and law enforcement agencies worldwide. Employed with Triple Canopy from 2005 to 2015 with 4 of those years in the Middle East as a high threat protection specialist with the Department of State and 6 years with the training division at the Joint Emergency Service Training Center and ACADEMI.



Mac is also on the ERG (Emergency Response Group) leadership team that is responsible for the safety of the entire church congregation at Family Fellowship in Greenville, Texas. Along with a volunteer staff of over 48 personnel, his team is responsible for training, supervising, and protecting all attendees during events and services with over 60% of the volunteer team armed to our standards.


Who is Triple Canopy?

Triple Canopy, Inc., is a private government contractor that provides integrated security, mission support, and risk management services to corporate, government, and non-profit clients including the Department of State High Threat Protection Division through the World Personal Protection Services program with most of there services in the Middle East. The firm was founded in May 2003 by veteran U.S. Army Special Forces Soldiers, including former Delta Operators. In June 2014 the firm merged with rival security contracting firm, Academi, formerly Blackwater, thus forming the new company Constellis Group. The training facilities are to be consolidated at the existing Academi training facility in North Carolina. It was staffed by, among others, a number of former Army Special Operations personnel, Special Forces Soldiers, Rangers, SEALs, MARSOC Critical Skills Operators, other special operations personnel, and a select few law enforcement officers.


Special Training & Qualifications for Eric "Mac" Mackinzie

  • Texas DPS School Safety Instructor Certification Course

  • Texas Commission of PSB Level 2, 3 & Personal Protection Officer Certification

  • Texas DPS CHL Instructor Certification

  • WPS DOS BFOC Train the Trainer Instructor Course Recertification, Triple Canopy, Inc 

  • WPPS DOS DSTC Defensive Tactics and Room Entry Techniques

  • WPPS DOS Certification M-4, G-19, 870, M-240, M-249 & M203, Triple Canopy, Inc

  • WPPS DOS BFOC Train the Trainer Instructor Course, Triple Canopy, Inc

  • WPPS DOS Train the Trainer Instructor Certification Course, Triple Canopy, Inc

  • WPPS DOS Personal Protective Services Certification Course, Triple Canopy, Inc

  • Motorcade Defensive Driving Course, Bill Scott Racing

  • California Carry Concealed Certification Course, Riverside County Sheriff

  • Protective Specialist Security & Selection Course, Triple Canopy, Inc

  • Defensive Driving Course, Beaver Run Racing School

  • Level 4 Hand Gun & Advanced Weapons Skills, Direct Action Group

  • Instructor Course for Immediate Contact, Force on Force, Direct Action Group

  • Instructor Course for Overseas Operator, Direct Action Group

  • High-Risk Warrant, CQB & Entry Course, Tactical Explosive Entry School

  • Instructor Development Weapons Course, Tactical Firearms Training Team

  • Explosive Handlers & Entry Course, Tactical Explosive Entry School

  • Firearms Initial Qualification Course, Bureau of Security Services

  • PR 24 Baton Basic & Advanced Course, Bureau of Security Services

  • Powers to Arrest & Lethal Use of Force, Bureau of Security Services

  • Two Man Team Tactics, Tactical Firearms Training Team

  • VIP Protection Course Level 1 & 2, Tactical Firearms Training Team

  • Combat Shotgun & Optical Rifle, Tactical Firearms Training Team

  • Advanced Weapons Skills & Tactical Rifle, Tactical Firearms Training Team

  • Level 1,2,3 Handgun, Tactical Firearms Training Team

  • Glock Armors School, Glock, Inc

  • U.S. Army Airborne School, U.S. Army

  • USMC & USMCR Veteran 1st & 3rd ANGLICO 1988-1996

Talking Firearms Safety

Michael "Oki" Ford


ford 1.JPG

Mike Ford is a Master Level Peace Officer, Licensed Nurse, and an Army Veteran. He is also an experienced instructor with a particular knack for patience and ability to alter his teaching techniques to accommodate even the most novice of shooters. Ford has experience as a SWAT team operator and Commander, Personal Protection Officer, and was a member/lead instructor of a military training cadre team. He has experience teaching a range of disciplines to include firearms and numerous less lethal force options. During his career, Ford has had the privilege of training people of varying backgrounds and experience levels to include military, law enforcement, security personnel, and responsible civilians.




Special Training & Qualifications for Michael "Oki" Ford

  • ALERRT Terrorism Response Tactics - Active Shooter Level II, Aug 2015

  • Safariland Training Group Specialty Impact Munitions Instructor Re-certification, Apr 2015

  • Texas Private Security Bureau Level 2,3 & Personal Protection Officer Certification, Sep 2013

  • Dive Rescue International Search and Recovery Rescue Diver Level I, Sep 2011

  • ALERRT Rapid Response to Active Shooter Level I, Mar 2010

  • TASER Instructor Course, Oct 2009

  • McKinney PD Basic SWAT Operator Course, Apr 2009

  • TCLEOSE Firearms Instructor, Mar 2009

  • Safariland Training Group Specialty Impact Munitions Instructor, Feb 2009

  • Safariland Training Group Chemical Munitions Instructor, Feb 2009

  • Safariland Training Group Diversionary Device/Flash Bang Instructor, Feb 2009

  • Safariland Training Group OC Spray Instructor, Feb 2009

  • TCLEOSE Basic Instructor, Aug 2008

  • SigSauer Pistol Armorer, Aug 2008

  • Colt AR-15, M16, M4, 9mm Sub-Machine Gun Armorer, Apr 2008

  • Law Enforcement Field Training Officer, Feb 2008

  • Conroe PD/FBI/TTPOA Basic SWAT Operator Course, Nov 2006

  • U.S. ARMY Combat Lifesaver Course, Aug 2000

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