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Critical Shotgun & SSS Shotgun

Shotguns are being sold as ideal home defense weapons. However, there is a serious misconception that you cannot miss with a shotgun. That is not true and this course will prove it. Understanding the ballistics and shot patterns are so crucial when implementing a shotgun for law enforcement or self-defensive purposes in your home or out in public. Being one of the most versatile weapon systems, shotguns have advantages and disadvantages. Proper implementation of the fundamentals of combative/tactical/defensive fundamentals is vital. Loading and mechanical manipulation are so important in order to shoot and manipulate this weapon properly.

Defesive Shotgun.jpg

Days:                     1 Day
Duration:               7-8 hours
Hours:                   10AM-6PM
Reg Price:             $250
Member Price:      $125-$175
Prerequisites:       None

What you will Learn!

  • Safety Fundamentals

  • Equipment/Slings/Optics

  • Use of Deadly Force

  • Defensive Shotgun Shooting Fundamentals

  • Shotgun Nomenclature

  • Loading & Unloading

  • Admin/Tactical/Speed Reloads

  • Action Manipulation

  • Zeroing your Shotgun

  • Sling Presentation

  • Stationary Turns or Pivots

  • Stoppages & Malfunctions

  • Shooting on the Move

  • Multiple Target Engagements

  • Stress Management While Shooting

  • 6-8 Combative Stages of Fire 


A certificate is given to students who finish the course


Equipment Requirements

  • Pump Action or Semi Auto Shotgun (12 Guage Highly Suggested)

  • Shotgun Sling

  • Belt Shot Shell Holder or Carrier

  • Eye Protection

  • Ball Cap or Beanie

  • Hearing Protection

  • 250 Rounds of Birdshot Ammunition

  • 10 Rounds of 00 Buck

  • 5 Rifle Slugs



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