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Private & Personal Training

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Want to train with friends, family members, or co-workers?


We can do a private group course during the week at a discount. A Friday would be ideal but not required.


Texas LicenseTo Carry

Minimum 6 students or more at $75 each


Critical Handgun Level 1 or Critical Carbine Level 1 or Active Shooter Critical Shooting Course

Minimum 6 students at $150 each.

If you do 8 or more paying students, the group coordinator trains for free. Let’s look at some dates, and we can set up the online registration link and an email flyer for you making the entire process very simple. 


For more information on the private group or personal training, please email Mac at



Personal Training

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Would you prefer personal attention with immediate results?


2-4 hour training blocks are available to get you a head start and see immediate results without any distractions giving you the personal attention you deserve.


Eric "Mac" Mackinzie

$125 per hour for non members

$75 per hour for members

Other available instructors

$75 per hour for non members

$50 per hour for members

Above rates are available based on instructor availability and a 2 hour minimum. Most private classes can be conducted on a 1st or 3rd Saturday morning starting at 9AM

For more information on the private group or personal training, please email Mac at


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