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2 Gun, 2 Person Shooting & Moving 

This intense 2 person, 2 gun proficiency course gives you the opportunity to learn, experience and understand the vital importance of "Team Work" while maintaining the fundamental levels of combative handgun and carbine. The tactical movement and implementation of cover and concealment are crucial. Learn to move under cover, firing and maintaining situational awareness. Understanding and using those important defensive handgun/carbine fundamentals while working with your team member is a dynamic experience making our students proficient at working together. 

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What you will practice!

  • Primary & Secondary Loading Procedure

  • Transitioning from your Primary to your Secondary

  • Stationary Turns or Pivots 

  • Stoppages & Malfunctions 

  • Shooting on the Move

  • Multiple Shooting Positions

  • Barricade Shooting while Understanding Cover & Concealment

  • Multiple Target Engagements

  • Shooting Around Vehicles

  • Support Side Shooting

  • Stress Management While Shooting

  • 6-8 Combative Stages of Fire up to 100 yards in distance


Training will be conducted with both your Carbine and Handgun

 while working with a team member. 


Days:                    1 Day
Duration:               5 hours
Reg Price:             $100
Member Price:      $ 50
Prerequisites:        Must have completed Handgun 1
                                                      and carbine


Equipment Requirements

  • AR-15 Carbine with Sling (Optics highly encouraged but not required)

  • Handgun & Handgun Holster (.9MM, .40, .45 Highly Suggested)

  • Magazine Pouches for Both Handgun & Carbine

  • 3 Magazines or more for Carbine & Handgun

  • Eye Protection

  • Ball Cap or Beanie

  • Hearing Protection

  • 250 Rounds of Factory Ammunition for Carbine (No Steel Core Ammo)

  • 100 Rounds of Factory Ammunition for Handgun


Need a carbine and all required equipment?

Full equipment and carbine package available for only $20

 Ammo not included! 

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