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Why Us?

Our mission statement is to empower, educate and excite law-abiding citizens to exercise their personal right to self-protection and allow us to make the most significant and spiritual impact in their lives. 

The bottom line is, if anyone ever finds themselves in a life-threatening situation against a determined assailant, I want our students to have a fighting chance with our proven combative and defensive tactics and shooting techniques.


Thank you for visiting our website today. Critical Defense Group is your professional tactical firearms and active shooter defense group specializing in handgun, carbine, shotgun, force on force, medical trauma, CQC and active shooter readiness and Tactics all on our personally owned 13-acre private training facility. NO RANGE CONTROL OR ADDITIONAL RANGES FEES HERE and your first course is 50% off!!!!


Over the past 28 years, we have personally trained thousands of private citizens, law enforcement officers, and military personnel. Our courses are available to beginner and advanced participants on how to safely defend yourself, team members, or your loved ones.


We build into our students the foundation for safe, confident, effective, and responsible firearms defense at an affordable rate. Your minimum license to carry standards is not enough and does not teach you how to safely: Carry, Draw, Evaluate a threat, Move, or use Cover and Concealment. We will!


If you choose to pursue more training, we offer courses in defending your home, defending yourself and your loved ones whether you are at church, eating out, or returning to your car. Stay committed on a regular basis through our many monthly proficiency training courses to keep you current and active. Remember! Carrying for personal protection is a perishable skill and we want to keep you sharp. No other facility is doing what we do!!!!! 


I encourage you, better yet I challenge you, to consider one of the best and most cost-effective firearms training programs North Texas has to offer.


Sign up today!!! Your first course is 50% off or consider one of our membership programs and make the commitment to learn effectively how to protect yourself, co-workers, or loved ones.


My personal guarantee is that you will leave any course you take with a newfound sense of appreciation and confidence as a firearm owner. We have over 180 five-star reviews for you to read on our Goggle & Facebook page and I believe you won't leave our facility disappointed. Give us an opportunity to make the most positive impact in your life with one of our many courses.

Beginners are always welcome as well as all family members. You don't need a military or law enforcement background and don't be intimidated by our background and experience. We have a training personality for everyone. I hope we can have the opportunity to meet you and train with you. Semper Fi!


Eric "Mac" Mackinzie

Training Director - Primary Instructor

Contact us now to learn more on how to start training with us!

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