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Junior Warrior Program

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We are proud to have developed a unique program to help train young men and women who have made the commitment to join the U.S. Military and fill a combat role. We sponsor these young warriors and offer them unlimited training and find local sponsors to pay for their ammo. Our goal is to train, motivate and empower these young service members to excel above and beyond during their military career.
Will you help support them? 

Current Candidate

Name:                                Cristian Cienfuegos

Age:                                   18

Home Town:                      Royse City, Texas

Basic Training Date:        June 2020

Branch:                             United States Navy

MOS:                                 BUDS- Navy SEAL

His CDG Training Schedule

02/08   Tactical Carbine Level 1

02/09   Tactical Carbine Level 2 & SSS

   03/14 Defensive Handgun Level 1

03/15   Defensive Handgun Level 2

03/21   R2R CQC- Force on Force Course

04/04   Critical Contact- Force on Force

04/04   SSS- Handgun(Raffle)

04/18   2 Gun Carbine to Handgun

05/02   Critical Contact- Force on Force

05/02   SSS- Handgun

05/15   Night Adaptation & Equipment

05/16   Hemorrhage Control/GSW

05/16   Emergency Survival

05/16   2 Person Carbine to Handgun 

05/16   2 Gun Night Shoot- PCC

05/23   Advanced Handgun Skills 

05/30   Medical Trauma Course

My name is Cristian Cienfuegos, and I am a senior at Royse City High School in Royse city, Texas. I am 18 years old, and a middle child of three. I have always been determined to do my very best in life both morally and ethically. Starting out as a Freshman I heard about the dual credit program at Royse City High School, and was immediately intrigued. I enrolled in the program with a 60% fail rate and I am now one semester away from getting my associate’s degree in science at Paris Junior College as a senior in High School.


 Throughout my life, I have always seen myself as a leader. So when I heard that I had an opportunity to attend Camp RYLA I was determined to be accepted. Camp RYLA is where young men and women spend a week in a challenging program of discussions, inspirational addresses, leadership training and social activities designed to enhance personal development, leadership skills and good citizenship. After weeks of waiting, only 130 students out of 680 were accepted , and  I was one of them. This was a personal goal of mine that I had the honor and privilege to accomplish.


 As a young man, I have  always wanted to serve my country.  I have decided to join the U.S. Navy and have a basic training date scheduled for June 2020.  However I was undecided on my military occupational specialty. After several weeks of thinking things over, reflecting and research, I made the personal commitment to attend BUDS (Basic Underwater Demolition School) with the personal goal of becoming a U.S. Navy SEAL.  I want  to earn my trident, serve my country, and earn this prestigious title, with the right to call myself a U.S. Navy SEAL. I understand this will be one my biggest personal challenges of my young adult life. I have accepted the risk and willing to make the sacrifice. I hope you will believe in me. Critical Defense Group will be sponsoring me under their Junior Warrior Program and my participation in scheduled firearms courses will be free of charge. All I need is people willing to invest in me spiritually with your prayers and financially to cover my ammo expense. Any support would be greatly appreciated and thank you for taking the time to read this and believe in me.

Cristian Jesus Cienfuegos

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