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Texas Concealed & Open Carry

Texas concealed and open carry laws are one in the same. In order to carry a handgun concealed or open in Texas you need a Texas license to carry. The license use to be called the Texas concealed handgun license but now it’s called “license to carry” because it allows you to carry either way.

Texas carry laws are the same for both except for on college campuses. Campus carry is concealed only. The laws everywhere else are the same between the two options of carry. Business must post a specific sign for each from of carry they want to prevent in their place of business. You will learn this in the class.

Concealed & Open Carry

The class to get the Texas license to carry is super easy and you can take it online. The online class is only four hours long as you take it at your own pace. We offer the online LTC class statewide and we have a pass guarantee, it’s that easy.

Our online class also works on all devices including your smartphone. We break down everything so it’s easy for anyone to understand. It’s so easy that NO ONE has ever failed and we have a pass guarantee. If you don’t pass we will refund your class fee. We are Texas DPS certified instructors.

Our online LTC course is approved statewide by the Texas Department of Public Safety. You can take our online course regardless of what city you live in. No need to sit in crowded classrooms ever again! Get certified online.

Online Texas LTC Course

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