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Female Personal Defense

We have had the opportunity of training more women in the last 5 years than in our entire career. We have learned that women enjoy participating in an environment with other women only. If we have one class to offer for the busy women here in Texas, this is the one. We cover so many important topics in one single day to give you an unbelievable and empowering experience. This class is an outstanding opportunity to build your confidence and have a life-changing experience for the best. We live in a dangerous and evil world and this informative class is ideal for any woman ready to take her personal safety to the next level. 

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Days:                     1 Day
Duration:               7-8 hours
Hours:                   10AM-6PM
Reg Price:             $200
Member Price:      $100
Prerequisites:       None

What you will learn!


  • Fundamentals of Firearms Safety

  • Fundamentals of Defensive Shooting

  • Loading and Unloading your Handgun

  • Tactical & Speed Reloads

  • Live Fire Drills

  • Situational Awareness

  • Edged Weapons Awareness

  • Basic Self Defense Strikes

  • Final Training Exercise


Equipment Requirements

  • Semi Auto Handgun (9mm .40 or .45 suggested)

  • Strong Side Hip Holster

  • 3 Magazines or more with Magazine Pouch

  • Eye Protection

  • Ball Cap or Beanie

  • Hearing Protection

  • 100 Rounds of Factory Ammunition


Need a handgun and all required equipment?

Full equipment and handgun package available for only $20.

 Ammo not included! 

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