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Need Equipment?

Full Handgun or Carbine Rental Packages Now Available!

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We have handgun or carbine rental packages available for only $20. Quantities are limited and require an online reservation and payment. Please indicate if you are left- or right-handed for handgun rentals. The full rental package includes the following:



  • Glock 19 or 17 9mm Handgun

  • 3 High Capacity Magazines

  • Double Magazine Pouch/Holder

  • Strong Side Hip Holster with Retention

  • Electronic Hearing Muffs

  • Shooting Glasses



  • AR-15 Carbine 223/5/56 with sling & Iron Sights

  • 3 High Capacity Magazines

  • Triple Magazine Pouch/Holder

  • Electronic Hearing Muffs

  • Shooting Glasses


Participants are encouraged to bring their own heavy duty belt, ball cap, and sunglasses or prescription glasses are acceptable to wear. 


Rental packages do NOT include ammunition. Please make sure you bring your own factory ammunition. Reloaded ammunition is not allowed in our rental handguns or carbines. 

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