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Online Application Requirements & Identification Policy

Please Read!

Critical Defense Group does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status.


Each student attending must submit this online application for approval along with your non-refundable payment. All students attending will be required to show some form of valid identification the day of the course.


Acceptable Forms of Identification

1. A current and valid driver's license or state identification card.

2. Any government-issued photo ID (military photo ID, government agency ID card, current Texas Concealed Handgun License or License to Carry Permit).

3. A valid and current U. S. passport


Application and Payment Process

A. Complete the online training application. All fields filled in accordingly.


B. Upon completing the online application, submit your online payment. (There are no refunds once your payment has been submitted unless your online application has been denied).


C. Once your online application is received and reviewed, you will be contacted via email with registration confirmation. Critical Defense Group has the right to deny a training application without cause and the right to refuse service. We are a private training facility open to qualified training applicants.


D. About 3-5 days prior to the course, you will receive an email with special instructions and directions to our personal training facility. (Check your spam,)


E. Any payment balances that may be due the day of the course will be paid in the following manner. Acceptable forms of payment will be cash, check, credit cards. (Please note there will be a 5% processing fee for all payments made via credit card.) For balances of $250 or more, checks will not be accepted.


Course Cancellation Policy

If you have reason to believe you cannot attend a scheduled course, you must notify us in writing via email within 72 hours of the course training date. There are no refunds on your payment period. However, if you notify us within 72 hours, we may transfer your payment as a credit to a future class if there is space available and upon approval from the training director only. If you fail to notify us within the 72-hour period via email, you will lose your payment. No refunds!!! Please make a note.


Course Cancellation by Critical Defense Group

Critical Defense Group reserves the right to cancel any scheduled course at any time with reasonable notice given to all students via email. If a course is canceled, your payment will be applied to any future course as a credit. In the event of a cancellation, Critical Defense Group is not responsible for non-refundable airfares, other airfare penalties, or any other travel or lodging expenses you may incur. For any questions or concerns, please email us at .




Course Policy

I hereby state that I am not a convicted felon, or otherwise forbidden by law to own, possess, or train with firearms. I further agree to sign a waiver releasing Macster Enterprises, LLC, dba Critical Defense Group, from any responsibility for injury that may be sustained during the training course or during travel to and from the training area. I understand that my solicitation for training from Critical Defense Group is for personal security and firearms safety purposes and none of the techniques taught will be used for illegal or unethical purposes.                                                               

I agree to abide by all safety standards set forth by Critical Defense Group and its instructors. I understand that safety during all training is of paramount importance and that a trainee’s instruction may be terminated at any time if his 
or her safety standards are not deemed satisfactory by any of the Critical Defense Group staff during any portion of the training course.                 

I understand once my application has been accepted I will receive a registration confirmation and special instructions that I will be required to read and follow prior to attending the class. Regardless of my background 
or occupation, I understand there are no loaded weapons allowed in the classroom area and I will store and secure my weapons in my vehicle as required and requested. I also understand I must follow all rules and regulations on the facility and will be required to leave the facility with all my firearms unloaded regardless of my occupation or position.                                             

I understand it is my responsibility to bring all the required equipment for the specific class I am registered for. Failure to bring all the required equipment could result in failure to complete the class as needed. All equipment requirements are clearly stated on the website page for each pertaining course and or will be emailed to each student prior to the scheduled course date. If I fail to bring the required equipment, the CDG staff may have equipment available to use for a rental fee subject to payment at the end of the course. 

I understand a full non-refundable payment per applicant must be made in advance in order to hold a reservation after submitting this training application. Failure to submit my payment will not guarantee me a slot until it has been approved. I also understand that all training sales are final and there are NO REFUNDS PERIOD once my application has been approved. If I cancel or fail to complete a class, there are no refunds period. I also understand that Critical Defense Group could cancel or reschedule any classes as needed due to weather or training conflicts and my payment will be applied to a future rescheduled course (N/A when course is free or if using a voucher).              




Grounds for Denial

a. Ever been an officer or a member or made a contribution to an organization dedicated to the violent overthrow of the United States Government and which engages in illegal activities to that end, knowing that the organization engages in such activities with the specific intent to further such activities?                                                                                                                  


b. Ever knowingly engaged in any acts or activities designed to overthrow the United States Government by force?                                                                                               


c. Ever been charged with or convicted of any felony offense (including those under the Uniform Code of Military Justice)?                                                                                                


d. Ever been convicted of a firearm or explosives offense?   


e. Currently, any felony charges pending against you for any criminal offense?   


f. In the last 7 years, have you been subject to a court-martial or other disciplinary proceedings under the Uniform Code of Military Justice?                                                                                 


g. In the last 7 years, have you been convicted of any offense(s) not listed in response to a, b, c, d, or e above? (Leave out traffic fines of less than $150)        


h. Are you subject to a court order restraining you from harassing, stalking, or threatening your child or an intimate partner or child of such partner?                                                                      


i. Have you ever been adjudicated mentally defective (which includes a determination by a court, board, commission, or other lawful authority that you are a danger to yourself or to others or are incompetent to manage your own affairs) OR have you ever been committed to a mental institution? 

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