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Emergency Readiness Training Group

Safe Haven/Bug Out Training Membership

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What if your community experienced the following:

  • Pandemic

  • Anarchy/Looting/Destruction of Property

  • Civil Unrest

  • Political Uncertainty

  • Economic Downfall

  • Power Failure

YOUR priority is to protect your home or business and provide for your family. How long can you do it all by yourself? Where you gonna "BUG OUT TO"?


We have a unique membership program for like minded people who want to join my team. ERTG is a networking group of law-abiding citizens who are committed to coming together and protecting our families, should the unfortunate ever happen. The current political climate may bring this country to its knee's. The political uncertainty, rise of terrorism, active hate groups, political corruption or the possibility of any natural disaster, reminds us to be prepared to provide and protect our loved ones. We understand how fast a state of emergency can shut down communities very quickly. 

Interested in knowing more or getting involved in this unique program? Fill out the form below and we will email you more info.




Following and obeying the law is imperative. Anti-government, ethnical, racial or religious negativity will not be accepted or tolerated. Professional, legal and ethical standards will be required as a member of our organization. Christian beliefs are important to us but not required. We believe in the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights and support of our law abiding Veterans, U.S. Military & Law Enforcement

Minimum Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be over 21 Years Old

  • Must be a U.S. Citizen

  • Must have a current Texas LTC or willing to get one within 1 year.

  • Must consent and be able to pass a background check

  • Must be able to consent to a drug test

  • Must be a CDG select member for 4 months or more

  • Must be willing to upgrade to an ERTG membership upon group approval

  • Must be able to train 3rd Saturday of the month as a team member

  • Must be able to attend 2 ERTC training weekends per year 

  • Must be willing to work in a team environment and willing to follow instructions

  • Must be willing to purchase required equipment as needed

  • Must be willing to maintain an acceptable level of health, spiritual & physical fitness

  • Must complete Critical Carbine Level 1 & Critical Handgun Level 1 within 4 months of joining ERTG


​Some waivers may be considered for the above requirements

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