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Emergency Preparedness

We provide services for your home, business, housing tract, property and community

What if?

Your family/home experienced a catastrophic event like a :


  • Massive Tornado

  • Earthquake

  • Financial Collapse

  • Nuclear Strike

  • EMP

  • Major Civil Disturbance


How would you feed, provide or more importantly protect your loved ones?


Did you know that no city can survive on its own? Every city is an artificial construct. Cities formed as people came together to conduct business, participate in social interaction, and benefit from efficiencies in public services (such as schools, sewers, water, etc.) and a common defense. Yet cities cannot survive alone. They need resources from the country; most notably, food, water, and electricity. While electricity and water can sometimes be created or found within city limits, the acreage requirements of food dictate that no city could possibly feed its own people.


Read that last phrase carefully: No city can feed its own people. Not one. Cities are, by their very nature, dependent on the importation of food. The advent of just-in-time delivery systems to our grocery stores means that most cities would run out of food within a week if supplies were for some reason disrupted.


Remember, cities are not self-sufficient. Although they may seem to be, they have for a long time been entirely dependent on the American farmer for their support, something almost all Americans take for granted (except the farmer, of course.)




The city presents some serious risks during a crisis. The four most serious ones are:

  1. The collapse of social order (riots).

  2. The failure of the water treatment and delivery systems.

  3. The depletion of food supplies.

  4. The failure of the power grid.


The system is not required to protect or provide for you and when our infrastructure collapses, YOU and YOUR family will be on your own. 


How can we help you?


  1. On-Site Property & Vulnerability Assessment

  2. On-Site Scenario Training

  3. Emergency Equipment Preparedness

  4. Immediate Action & Emergency Plans

  5. Considering joining our Community Awareness Program & The Homestead Project


For more information on this exclusive service please contact us!

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