Emergency Survival Courses


3 & 8 Hour Survival Courses Starting in January 2021

  • Fire Making

  • Field Shelters

  • Food Gathering

  • Water Gathering

  • Signaling

  • Navigation

Regular Price: $100

Member Price: $50

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Eric "Doc" Metzger is an experienced Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape Instructor (SERE) and Medical provider  with over 35 years of experience. A former USAF SERE instructor he Founded and was Chief Instructor for Global Principles Survival School. Mr. Metzger has taught and or supervised the training thousands of military, security, government law enforcement and civilians in wilderness survival, combat survival, personal protection, and primitive/wilderness medicine. he is a former Ohio and Florida certified peace officer, Florida certified EMT/Paramedic and currently is a full time Family Nurse Practitioner. He holds a 5th degree Black Belt in Taijutsu and has taught in Dojo's around the US and overseas.

  • Basic Combat Survival Train course

  • Combat Survival Instructor Training Course

  • Open Water survival course

  • Arctic Survival course

  • Combat Rescue Flight Engineer course  

  • Ohio Peace Officer academy

  • Ohio EMT certification course

  • Florida Peace Officer academy

  • Florida EMT/Paramedic course

  • Basic Primitive Survival course

  • Intermediate Primitive Survival course

  • Advanced Primitive Survival course

  • Scout course

  • Advanced Scout course

  • Primitive Medicine course

  • Wilderness Tracking Basic and Advanced course

  • Wilderness Medicine EMT certification course

  • USAF Certified Master Survival Instructor

  • BsN., RN. Florida State University

  • MsN., Family Nurse Practitioner, University of South Alabama (Mobile)

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