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Ladies' Texas License-to-Carry

& Intro to Defensive Handgun

Texas is "Free America" and a strong supporter of the 2nd amendment that allows open and concealed carry with a valid Texas LTC (License-to-Carry Permit). This permit is issued by the Department of Public Services. Our course will meet all Texas compliance requirements to get you certified. Our course is fun, educational, inspiring, and exciting. We implement PowerPoint presentation with open discussions and dos and don'ts of concealed or open carrying your handgun for defensive purposes. We also do a thorough course on Texas Deadly Force, and this course is for women only to keep you comfortable in an all-female environment.


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Days:                     1 Day

Duration:               8-9 hours

Hours:                   9AM-6PM

Location:              Greenville, Texas

Reg Price:             $150

Member Price:      $75

Prerequisites:       None

What you will learn!

  • Fundamentals of Handgun Safety

  • Fundamentals of Defensive Shooting

  • Non Violent Resolution

  • Deadly Force

  • Safe Storage & Handling

  • How to Draw your Handgun Safely

  • Loading & Unloading your handgun Safely

  • 3 Types of Handgun Reloads

  • Live Fire Proficiency Drills on Paper

  • 50 Round Live Fire Qualification on a B27 Target

  • 25 Question Written Exam

A certificate is given to students who finish the course


Equipment Requirements

  • Semi Auto Handgun (9mm .40 or .45 suggested)

  • Strong Side Hip Holster

  • 3 Magazines or more with Magazine Pouch

  • Eye Protection

  • Ball Cap or Beanie

  • Hearing Protection

  • 100 Rounds of Factory Ammunition


Need a handgun and all required equipment?

Full equipment and handgun package available for only $20.

 Ammo not included! 

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